A Visit to the Schoolhouse

When you visit the Old Stone Schoolhouse, you will be greeted by a costumed school master or mistress who will talk to you about the educational system in the 1800s. You’ll learn about a typical school day in a classroom where children from ages four to sixteen would learn together.

The schoolhouse contains old photographs of students and teachers, a collection of antique school books, slates and writing instruments, and other items used in one-room schools.

Children may sit at desks, look at old-fashioned school books and write on a slate with chalk or a slate pencil. Older children may practice writing with a brass nibbed pen dipped in ink. They will be taught about discipline in the classroom and the sorts of punishments that resulted from misbehavior. They may be asked to recite a short poem or some arithmetic facts from memory.

There are also some period games on hand, so youngsters can engage in schoolyard play such as rolling a hoop, playing jacks, hopscotch, jumping rope and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The Old Stone Schoolhouse has no electricity and no running water. There are no restroom facilities on site.